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How to Enable Cookies

Important note about cookies

The Lacis shopping cart uses cookies to maintain the contents of your shopping cart. If your browser does not accept cookies, it's impossible for us to keep track of what is in your cart.

Be assured that cookies are not used for any purpose other than maintaining your shopping cart..

In case you're curious, here is what the cookie contains;

> Product_ID:Quantity+Product_ID:Quantity ...

What exactly is a cookie anyway?

A Cookie is a variable the server sets and your client (browser) maintains. It is not executable and for the most part, poses no threat, it is simply a string of text. It's usefulness revolves around maintaing state information such as the state of your online shopping cart.

What about privacy?

While it's true that a cookie can be used to track where you've been on a web site it's usefullness is helping you re-navigate the site the next time you visit. If you don't like the thought of someone being able to track where you have been with cookies don't worry web masters have much easier ways to track your visit with access logs on their servers.

You can safely be assured that cookies are only used by us to maintian the contents of your online order, and to allow your order.  &INC{I900};