Pins, Jewelry

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

EF57 * Bar Bow Pin, Gld/Sil /ea (EF57) $3.00 Order Item

* Bar Pin , 1-1/4" , Nkl /6 (AX22) $2.50 Order Item

RY59 * Bar Pin Base w/ Crimp, 1-1/4" , Nkl /6 (RY59) $5.00 Order Item

RY58 * Bar Pin Base w/ Holes, 1-1/2" , Br/Nkl /6 (RY58) $3.00 Order Item

EF56 * Bar Pin Bow, Nkl /2 (EF56) $2.50 Order Item

EF58 * Bar Pin, 1" Rd Nickell /pr (EF58) $2.50 Order Item

SO29 Carved Cinnabar Ring
A decorative carved ring for purse handle or other decorative use. Various designs. 3" dia. (SO29) $22.00 Order Item

Corsage/Bubble Holder, Ss (HG11) $15.00 Order Item

RY64 * Ear Wire w/ Loop /4 (RY64) $3.00 Order Item

Earring Hooks w/backs
2 pair Hypo-allergenic earring hooks with soft clear bullet earring backs. (GH42) $1.25 Order Item

RY61 * Filigree Bead Cap, 1/4", Brass /12 (RY61) $2.75 Order Item

RY60 * Filigree Bead Cap, 3/8", Brass /12 (RY60) $3.00 Order Item

Hair Stick, Bamboo /pr (KT04) $10.00 Order Item

EF47 Locket, Bookl .4" X .5", Gold (EF47) $4.50 Order Item

EF48 Locket, Heart .5" X .5", Nickel (EF48) $5.00 Order Item

EF45 Locket, Heart .8" X .8", Gold (EF45) $5.50 Order Item

EF46 Locket, Oval .8" X 1.2", Gold (EF46) $6.00 Order Item

EF44 Locket, Oval .8" X 1.2", Nickel (EF44) $6.50 Order Item

EF43 Locket, Oval 1.4" X 1.7", Gold (EF43) $9.50 Order Item

RY65 * Pearl Clasp, 1/4", Gold /2 (RY65) $5.00 Order Item

Pearl Necklace, 8mm X 60" Knotted (GH34) $9.00 Order Item

SO53 Pendant Locket, Incised Bone
A decorative locket with scrimshaw design on both sides, Available 1.5" square, 1.3" x 2" rectangular, and 1.5" round. Various designs (SO53) $15.00 Order Item

Pots Of Clay
A variety of small clay pots for embroidery embellishment or buttons. (SC60) $6.00 Order Item

Ring, Adjustable w/chain Hole, Nkl (EF52) $3.00 Order Item

RY62 * Ripple Bead Cap, 5/16", Brass /12 (RY62) $2.50 Order Item

Sewing Tool Pin, Ster-Gld (IW03) $50.00 Order Item

Sewing Tool Pin, Sterling (FI40) $60.00 Order Item

OC19 Shawl Pin, Shell, 2" Round
A circular Abalone Shell, light weight shawl pin with offset opening and a complimentary shell pin. (OC19) $25.00 Order Item

CH73 * Black Lip Shell Shawl Pin
A 2.3" round Black Lip or white shell disk with a Rosewood Pin for securing a shawl or other loose woven or knitted fabric. See CH37 for 3" Rd Shell. (CH73) $16.00 Order Item

TT34 * Shawl Pin, 4" Rosewood
A turned rosewood 4 mm pin, pointed on one end and a decorative turning on the other in 2 designs. Sold individually. (TT34) $4.00 Order Item

OC21 Shawl Shell Stick Pin
A freeform shell knob on a 3", 6", or 8" stick pin with clutch. (OC21) $15.00 Order Item

Stickpin With Catch, 2.5" /2 (MX16) $4.00 Order Item

RY63 * Strand Adjuster, Gold /ea (RY63) $5.00 Order Item

Tie Tack Spring Clutch w/ Chain & Bar /ea (EF50) $6.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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