An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

PZ64 * Adjustable Thimble
An self fitting plastic thimble which permits projection of fingernail. Requires softening with hot water to set fit. (PZ64) $2.75 Order Item
Manufactured by: Prym

RP21 * Finger Shields, Plastic
An adjustable broad plastic band which protects the side of the finger when needle felting or general sewing. (RP21) $3.00 Order Item

CM81 * Protech and Grip Thimble
A safe elastic fitting thimble with full metal cap. Available in small, medium and large. (CM81) $9.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

PZ79 * Thermal Thimbles
3 heat resistant silicone thimbles designed to fit the index finger and thumb. allows getting close to a hot iron when doing detail work without burning your fingers. (PZ79) $6.50 Order Item

DL40 Thimble: "Jelly Fingers"
A soft comfortable thimble in mixed colors. Available in Small (18mm],) (DL40) $2.50 Order Item

DL43 Thimble: "Jelly Recessed"
A soft comfortable thimble with recessd top, in mixed colors. Small (18mm] and Medium [20mm]) (DL43) $2.75 Order Item

LD75 * Thimble Gauge
Determine thimble size in metric from 13 to 20mm and English #4-#13. (LD75) $5.00 Order Item

CM80 * Natural Fit Leather Thimble
Shaped like your finger, the smooth shape allows for needle pushing from any angle. Available in small, meduim and large (CM80) $15.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

NB01 * "Nimble Thimble"
You will hardly notice wearing this classic "like-skin" finger protector. Between layers of very fine leather there is a small metal plate at the finger tip. Available in Small; Medium; and Large sizes. (NB01) $7.00 Order Item

Thimble, Cloisonne, Owl (OT35) $10.00 Order Item

OT07 Cloisonne Translucent Thimble
A beautiful handmade thimble of clear colored enamel (Plique a jour) which gives it the appearance of stained glass. Has been used for miniature lamp shades. Made in China. (OT07) $18.00 Order Item

OT04 Cloisonne Plain Thimble
A beautiful handmade thimble of true hand formed cloisonne, each of a unique design. Made in China. (OT04) $10.00 Order Item

CL07 * Adjustable Ring Thimble
A wide ring which allows pushing the needle with the side of the finger. Japanese embroidery thimble, Clover. (CL07) $3.25 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

CL15 * Leather Finger Thimble
A set of three finger bands with plastic insert. These can be adjusted by a tie joining the two ends of the leather. Clover. (CL15) $4.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

CL05 * Palm Thimble
An adjustable Japanese thimble worn at the base of the finger which has a metal pad which sets on the palm. Designed for embroidery. Clover. (CL05) $3.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

CM27 * Open Sided Metal Thimble
An adjustable metal thimble with open back wjhich allows it to be worn with long fingernails. AVailable in a small and medium size. (CM27) $11.50 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

ET14 * Thimble With Recessed Top
A popular quilting thimble of nickel plated steel. Available in sizes 6 (14.5mm) to 13 (19mm) (ET14) $2.60 Order Item

* Thimble, Wood; Ringed; Unfinished (GM05) $0.70 Order Item

GE39 Finger Grips "Stitchers'"
Natural rubber grips for gripping fabric, needles or hand tools. Breathable vents and nail slot, available in Small, Medium or Large. (GE39) $1.50 Order Item

Thimble, Box/Standard/Pap/50 #710 (RP88) $50.00 Order Item

GE38 Thimbles, "Stitchers'" Pvc Rubber
Soft feel and slightly pliable to fit all finger sizes. Super thick rubber tip for extra protetion. Available in 5 sizes, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.each designated by different color. (GE38) $0.90 Order Item

RP91 * Standard Thimble: Steel
A standard nickel plated steel thimble with dome top. Available in 10 sizes 3 (13mm) , 4 (13.5mm) , 5 (14mm) ; 6 (14.5mm) , 7 (15mm) , 8 (16mm) , 9 (16.5mm) , 10 (17mm) , 11 (18mm) , 12 (18..5/19.0mm) . (RP91) $3.00 Order Item

* Brass Thimble, Dome Top
A professional heavy dome top brass thimble, with deep dimples. Sizes. 15mm, 16mm, 18mm and 20mm. (RQ66) $6.00 Order Item

RQ60 * Tailor's Thimble, Deep Dimple
An open top steel thimble with deep dimples in sizes: 13, 13.5, 14, 14.5, 15. 15.5, 16, 18, 18.5mm (RQ60) $4.00 Order Item

RQ62 * Tailor's Thimble, Open Top, Heavy Brass
A professional, large, heavy brass thimble, with deep dimples. Sizes. 13, 14.5, 15. 16. 17, 19 and 20mm. (RQ62) $6.00 Order Item

JC01 * Brass Thimble
A heavy natural brass thimble with a dome top and decorative band. Available in sizes 2, and 0. Made in France (JC01) $15.00 Order Item .

LB82 * Heavy Nickel Plated Brass Thimble
Heavy brass thimbles with dome top in English sizes. (LB82) $7.00 Order Item

HG28 Thimble: Sterling-#576 (HG28) $20.00 Order Item

DH44 Thimble: Sterling-#2854 (DH44) $44.00 Order Item

DH46 Thimble: Sterling-#2855 (DH46) $46.00 Order Item

Thimble: Sterling-#2857 (DH61) $36.00 Order Item

DH63 Thimble: Sterling-#2858 (DH63) $36.00 Order Item

DH45 Thimble: Sterling-#3055 (DH45) $46.00 Order Item

DH57 Thimble: Sterling-#3100 (DH57) $36.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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