An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

LF07 * Backstrap Horse Bar, 5" Horseshoe Bar Instructions
For belts up to 4-1/2" wide. A self locking bar to hold and grip finished section of weaving without causing any distortion. Secures to any belt (backstrap) . (LF07) $16.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Lacis

LB98 * Bead Loom Instructions Video
Designed for wide pattern weaving with ordinary seed beads or "Delica" beads as would be required for beaded bags, this loom is suitable for any width up to 11" and lengths up to 36". The raised frame incorporates a warp frame which simplifies the preparation of the warp and incorporates integral warp tension control. Can be used with (LF10) $90.00 Order Item Floor Frame. Made of hardwood with clear, hard finish, (LB98) $55.00 Order Item See "youtube.com/lacismo" for video covering set-up, operation and 2-needle bead weaving.
Manufactured by: Lacis

DA30 * Bead Loom, 2.5"
The basic "Indian" bead weaving loom designed for narrow bands. Simple to use, excellent instructions. 2 1/2" wide. (DA30) $10.00 Order Item

HM35 * Beading Loom "Jewel"
A clever bead loom suited for projects up to 2.5" wide by 10". Instructions in English, French and Spanish (HM35) $10.00 Order Item

LF16 * Card Weaving Cards
Set of 25 laminated plastic cards, 2 1/2" x .019". Virtually indestructible, will not tear while providing a smooth surface for manipulation. Hole designations are A-B-C-D. (LF16) $18.00 Order Item

LF83 * Drop Spindle
A beautifully finished hardwood drop spindle with a 4-1/2" whorl, 12" spindle weighing 5oz. Learn to spin and make your own hand yarns for felting, knitting and needlework. (LF83) $15.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Lacis

LF97 * Flicker, 2.5" X 3.2"
Curved back, plastic handled carder brush. Made in Germany. For combing and blending fibers for spinning. The are best used in pairs, transferreing fibbers from one to another. Also used for collecting animal hair for spinning. (LF97) $22.00 Order Item

LF10 * Floor Stand
An ingenious stand for working in a sitting or standing position. Permits 360 deg rotation as well as full adjustable tilt. Made of solid finished Hardwood, it is designed for Bead Loom (LB98) $55.00 Order Item , Tapestry Loom (LF11) $65.00 Order Item , Embroidery Frame. (LF15) $65.00 Order Item and Universal Hoop Holder (LD32) $18.00 Order Item . Easily assembled and disassembled without tools for portability. Comes with adjustable 14"-21" yoke. (LF10) $90.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Lacis

* Mini Weaving Loom, 4.7"
A simple loom and basic tools for weaving up to a 4.7" square. (CO26) $20.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

* Stick Loom Aluminum Needles
Aluminim needles, 5" x .157" used in the Clover CL85 Hairin frame and the LF82 Stick Loom. (LF100) $7.00 Order Item

LB26 * Belt Weaving Shuttle, 8"
Knife edge, polished hardwood shuttle, specifically designed for warp-faced weaves such as Inkle and Card Weaving. (LB26) $7.50 Order Item

* Shuttle, Stick, 18" (LB06) $8.00 Order Item

LB07 * Shuttle, Stick, 21" (LB07) $10.00 Order Item

Shuttle, Stick, 24" (LB08) $12.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Lacis

* Shuttle, Tap, 12" (LB01) $7.50 Order Item

* Weaving Shuttles
Made of hardwood, these are designed for tapestry and multi-harness looms. The shuttle has open notches on each end to receive the yarn. (LB02) $9.00 Order Item

* Sprang Frame, 22" X 8" Sam_1576
A basic frame which allows warping between 2 rods which connect to the side frame rods. 8" x 20" straight warp or 48" circular warp. Includes (5) aluminum rods for warping and stitch control and rod support bands. A recommended guide: Sprang: Language & Techniques. (LH99) $25.00 Order Item

LB42 * Square Board "Weave It" Style Loom
Designed to re-create the very popular "Weave-It" squares which were used to create a style of garment and accessory where the squares were an integral part of the design and assembly. This loom permits the weaving of any shape in any thread count up to 4-1/2". Includes 2 boards and instructions. (LB42) $18.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Lacis

LF82 Stick Loom, Aluminum Needles Walking Stick Loom Instructions
A rugged model of one of the most basic looms, where yarn is woven in and out around successive sticks much like the fingers of your hands to produce a weft faced or tapestry weave. When pushed off the sticks onto extending warp threads, a woven band is produced. A warp is not required and it allows the weaving of circles. This loom is completely portable, holds up to 9 4.00mm aluminum sticks weaving up to a 3" width and circles up to 6" diameter.It can be set up in minutes and requires no frame or other supporting device. (LF82) $36.00 Order Item

LF95 Tapestry Beater/Comb
Rounded point, tapered, chrome-plated 1" steel teeth supported in a solid brass spine. 3-3/4" wide. Available in coarse, 7 teeth/in (LF95) $22.00 Order Item and fine, 10 teeth/in (LF96) $34.00 Order Item spacing.
Manufactured by: Lacis

LG24 * Tapester Comb/Beater
Rounded point, tapered, chrome-plated 1" steel teeth supported in a steel spine. 3-1/4" wide. 24 teeth, 6" hardwood handle. (LG24) $22.00 Order Item

LF98 Tapestry Beater/Comb
Rounded point, tapered, chrome-plated 1-1/2" steel teeth supported in a solid brass spine. 19 teeth, 3" wide. (LF98) $28.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Lacis

LF11 * "Kliot" Tapestry Loom Instructions Video
A solid hardwood two harness weaving loom designed for any of the weaver controlled weaves as well as 2-harness weaves. It incorporates a unique patented shed changing device which automatically changes the position of warp threads to form any of three shed positions, integral simplified warp tension control and an integral warping frame for preparation of the warp. Lightweight, easily assembled and disassembled without tools. Can be used on table top or with accessory floor stand (LF10) $90.00 Order Item . Weaving capacity up to 20" wide by 84". For replacement bands see WW70 or use a suitable heavy duty rubber band. See "youtube.com/lacismo" for set-up and operation video. (LF11) $65.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Lacis

CN75 Weaving Sticks, Fine
A set of (6) 9" wood needles, pointed on one end and an eye on the opposite end used for stick-weaving. 8mm Fine. (CN75) $20.00 Order Item
Manufactured by: Clover

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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