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This list covers new items introduced over the past 90 days, the date after the name indicates when the product was first introduced. Prices can be found on our price lists; items newer than 6 months old are also highlighted on the price lists.
An * before the description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

Tools & Materials


Tools & Materials

* 100% Matt Cotton Thread
A White 3/3, medium, soft yarn for Net-Darning, Mountmellick Work, Candlewicking, Crochet and Knitting. 40 yd skeins. (JS03) $3.50 Order Item (JS21) $4.00 Order Item

Vintage Dmc Linen Lace Thread
DMC thread is skeins in sizes 20, 35, 50, 60, 70, Skeins in white, natural, and grey. Limited inventory. (LX34) $3.00 Order Item

Silk Thread, Vintage Belding Corticalli
B, C, D, E, F Wood Spools (LX35) $25.00 Order Item

* Foam Working Dense Pad, 4" X 6"
A dense, firm pad for flower making using hot itons. (AT84) $6.00 Order Item

Tambour Latch Hook
A .89 mm fine blunt point latch hook, replaceable in a wood needle holder, suited for tambour beading (LJ41) $22.00 Order Item

Cotton 60/3 Blkack, 100yd (LM40) $4.00 Order Item


TU28 * Selbu Mittens, Anne Bardsgard
AN amazing compendoum of the classic Norwegian mitten and glove. Over 500 charts, complete patterns for 35 mittens and the rich history of the tradition. (TU28) $40.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 296
ISBN: 9781570769474

SQ94 * Antique American Needlework Tools, Dawn Cook Ronningen
Glorious tools from museums and private collections with historical information. (SQ94) $35.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 240
ISBN: 9780764355493

TU27 * Lace Knitting, Denise Samson
History, fundamentals of chart-reading, blocking, tools and materials and 40 sample pattertns to get you started and then 30 desingses and furnishings. (TU27) $25.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9781570769511

LJ42 Not Yet Available Arabesque De Cordoue, Angel Sanchez Sirviente
Contemporary designs in the Idrija style with Arab-Andalusian themes (LJ42) $42.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 72
ISBN: 9782350552675

RR22 * Making Victorian Costumes For Men, Sil Devilly
Making VictoMAKING VICTORIAN COSTUMES FOR MENrian During Queen Victoria's long reign there were constant, often subtle, changes to men's clothing in the large, diverse and growing population. This practical book guides you through the male fashions of the time and includes eighteen garments typical of the era. (RR22) $55.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9781785005756

JM46 * Colorful Tatting, Yoshiko Arizumi, Reiko Sohara, Junko Yazaki
Projestc for the nesk, wrist and ear. (JM46) $31.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 79
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784416619032

JM47 * Grand Jete Tatting, Fiore Iris
Small motifs for ormnament. (JM47) $35.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 79
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784800730169

JM45 * Tatting Lace Classical Accessory, Hiroko Nakano
Small motifs for body ornament. (JM45) $31.00 Order Item
Pages: 63
Language: Japanese
ISBN: 9784021908538

TU26 * Cable Knits From Nordic Lands, Ivar Asplund
Combining classic cable techniques with simplicity of modern Scandinavian design through 20 projects for children and aduklts. Imncludes a tutorial section so you can develop your own special effects. (TU26) $25.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 160
ISBN: 9781570769290

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