Macrame, Weaving

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NS05 Ecclesiastical Pomp & Aristocratic Circumstance, Nancy Spies
"A Thousand Years of Brocaded Tabletwoven Bands" in this amazing treatise on the rich heritage attached to this elegant weaving technique not requiring any loom. From the sixth to sixteenth century the technique was absorbed by most cultures and every level of society. Includes techniqe and the charts for many patterns. (NS05) $200.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 315
ISBN: 0615116817, 9780615116815

* Encyclopedia Of Knots (1957) (D2379) $40.00 Order Item

CQ51 Fleece Dog, Nobuko Nagakubo
The felting needle used to create a magicall collection of palm-sized dogs of every personality in the Japanese tradition (CQ51) $50.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 80
ISBN: 9781571204332

* Hemp Macrame (GG01) $15.00 Order Item
ISBN: 9781454709497

SN88 * Made In Paracord. Caitlin Wynne
This collection of 25 designs, all created in brightly colored paracord, will inspire you to get knotting. There are no special skills required, and paracord is an easy, and easily available, material to work with, so you'll be creating simple and stylish pieces in no time. You'll find tons of accessories, including survival and other bracelets, key chains, bags, belts, and headbands, as well as homewares like wall hangings, hammocks, bowls and plates-and more! (SN88) $22.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 128
ISBN: 9781250077363

AR98 The Manual Of Braiding, Noemi Speiser
A fascinating monograph inclusive of most interlacing techniques from around the world including Ply Splitting, Sprang, Kumi Himo, flat and tubular braids, Warp twining and track plans using the May poly to illustrate complex braids. (comb) (AR98) $75.00 Order Item
Binding: Comb
Pages: 163

UN60 Techniques Of Ply-Split Braiding, Peter Collingwood
indigenous to India, these hand manipulated braids are created by intertwining tightly twisted cords between the plys of adjacent cords to produce a structually integrated fabric suited for (camel) belts, bags, containers as well as 3-dimensional sculptural forms. (UN60) $80.00 Order Item
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 120
ISBN: 1857251334, 9781857251333

RR04 * The Techniques Of Tablet Weaving, Peter Collingwood
The most complete instructional and historical documentation of tablet weaving. (RR04) $60.00 Order Item
Binding: Perfect Bound
Pages: 320
ISBN: 1566590558, 9781566590556

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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