Laughing Moon

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

LM20 Victorian Underwear Pattern
Multisized 6-26 tissue pattern set with instructions. Includes patterns for two corsets, one with straight seams and one with bust gores, chemise pattern and drawers pattern. Designed for costuming from 1840-1890's. (LM20) $20.00 Order Item

LM21 1890's Skirt Pattern
5-gore skirt pattern, multisized 2-36 (waist 21" to 50") , with good directions and cutting layouts. Skirt in 3 lengths: walking, short and long train. (LM21) $18.00 Order Item

LM22 Late Victorian Pettcoat Pattern
Multisized 2-36 (waist 21" to 50") petticoat for 1870's-early 1900's, or to be worn as modern skirt, in 3 lengths: walking, short and long train. Includes pattern for 1886 padded bustle. Includes good directions and cutting layout. (LM22) $18.00 Order Item

LM24 1890's Waist
Four bodices and five sleve options. Misses sizes 4-26 (LM24) $20.00 Order Item

LM23 1909-1913 Dress Pattern
Pattern for two dresses, seperate guimpe (underblouse) and optional train. Can be used for day or evening for Titanic, Ragtime, Edwardian events. Includes sizes 2-26 and comes with complete instructions. (LM23) $20.00 Order Item

LM25 Period Patterns
SALOON GIRL (LM25) $20.00 Order Item ; CALIFORNIA PANTS (LM26) $20.00 Order Item ; MEN'S SHIRTS 1845-1920 (LM27) $20.00 Order Item ; SPLIT SKIRT COWGIRL 1890 (LM28) $18.00 Order Item ; MEN'S FROCK COAT AND VESTS 1850-1915 (LM30) $20.00 Order Item .

LM27 L. Moon: #107 Men's Shirts 1845-1920 (LM27) $20.00 Order Item

LM28 L. Moon: #108 Split Skirt Cowgirl 1890 (LM28) $18.00 Order Item

LM30 L. Moon: #109 Men's Frock.. 1850-1915 (LM30) $20.00 Order Item

LM31 L. Moon: #110 Ladies' 1890's Sporting.. (LM31) $20.00 Order Item

LM32 L. Moon: #111 Ladies' Early 1860's Day Dress (LM32) $20.00 Order Item

LM33 L. Moon: #112 Hoops and Bustles 1856-1900 (LM33) $20.00 Order Item

LM34 L. Moon: #113 Under Bust Corsets 1894-1909 (LM34) $18.00 Order Item

LM36 L. Moon: #114 Ladies' Round Dresses 1840-52 (LM36) $20.00 Order Item

LM63 L. Moon: #115 Ladies' Reg. & Rom. Era Corset (LM63) $18.00 Order Item

LM65 L. Moon: #116 Men's Sack Jackets 1860-1900 (LM65) $21.00 Order Item

LM68 L. Moon: #117 Ladies' Ballgown, 1840-1863 (LM68) $20.00 Order Item

LM66 L. Moon: #118 Wrapper/Maternity Dress (LM66) $21.00 Order Item

LM67 L. Moon: #119 Men's Trousers, 1850-1910 (LM67) $22.00 Order Item

L. Moon: #120 Pleated Wrapper Work Dress.. (LM69) $21.00 Order Item

LM38 L. Moon: #121 Men's Regency Tailcoat, 34-56 (LM38) $20.00 Order Item

LM70 L. Moon: #122 Men's Empire & Regency Tailcoat. (LM70) $20.00 Order Item

LM74 L. Moon: #123 Men's Regency Slip Vest, 1806-1830 (LM74) $20.00 Order Item

LM75 L. Moon: #124 Late Georgian Coat, 1795-1810 (LM75) $20.00 Order Item

LM72 L. Moon: #125 Men's Late Georgian Vest 1795-1817 (LM72) $20.00 Order Item

LM71 L. Moon: #126 Ladies' Round & Trained Gown (LM71) $20.00 Order Item

LM73 L. Moon: #127 Men's Narrow Fall Breeches, 1790-1820 (LM73) $20.00 Order Item

LM81 L. Moon: #128 Ladies Robe De Style 1920-192 (LM81) $20.00 Order Item

LM76 L. Moon: #129 Ladies Front Spencer, 1798-1809 (LM76) $20.00 Order Item

L. Moon: #130 Ladies Regency ..redingote, 1798-1813 (LM77) $20.00 Order Item

L. Moon: #131 Mens' Regency Trousers 1790-1830 (LM82) $20.00 Order Item

LM78 L. Moon: #132 Ladies Regency ..petticoat..1800-1825 (LM78) $20.00 Order Item

LM79 L. Moon: #133 Ladies Robe,chemise, Train 1790-1800 (LM79) $20.00 Order Item

LM80 L. Moon: #135 Ladies Georgian/Reg Cloak/Hood 1750-1810 (LM80) $20.00 Order Item

L. Moon: #136 Mens'/Lafies' Great Coat 1750-1825 (LM83) $20.00 Order Item

L. Moon: #137 Ladies' Regency Palisse 1810-1825 (LM84) $20.00 Order Item

L. Moon: #139 Wwii Ladies Red Cross Uniform (LM86) $20.00 Order Item

LM35 L. Moon: Build & Fit..Corset Video, Dvd (LM35) $20.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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