An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

HM19 * "Pull-N-Cut" 4" Thread Snips
An indespensible tool for repair or removal of threads. It is a combination tweezer and cutter, allowing the pulling of a single thread and then cutting it close and clean. (HM19) $6.00 Order Item

Bead Crimper "Magical" (HY02) $14.00 Order Item

CM57 * Buttonhole Cutter
A chisel tool that will cut a 12mm (1/2") slit. (CM57) $10.40 Order Item

MY76 * Buttonhole Scissors
A 4.5" adjustable buttonhole scissors with notched blade and set screw to control length of hole. A high quality reproduction of the 1865 Henry Sears & Son classic. The same scissors used by Mary Frances in THE MARY FRANCES SEWING BOOK. (MY76) $18.00 Order Item . Also available in 5.5" (MY90) $18.00 Order Item

* Buttonhole Scissors, 5.5" (MY90) $18.00 Order Item

GE31 Klasse Scissors, Tape Measure and Thimble Set
A gift set with a 3.5" Italian embroidery scissors, a 60" retractable tape measure and a metal thimble. (GE31) $20.00 Order Item

GE45 * Klasse Antique Scissor & Tape Measure Set
Gift set with 4.5" scissors and 60" retractable fiberglass tape measure with magnetic back. (GE45) $20.00 Order Item

* Lace Darning Needle Set
(3) Blunt tip needles in a "chibi" style case. #20 straight, #22 and #14 with bent tip. (CN95) $6.80 Order Item

GE37 * Mini Super Snips
Mini super sharp pointed high quality scissors with attached protective sheath in assorted colors. 2-1/2" w/ 1/2" blade. (GE37) $3.00 Order Item

HM05 * Parallel Jaw Plier
Applies uniform pressure across full 1" of jaw. Useful for clamping and setting snap style bag closures. Smooth jaw. (HM05) $12.00 Order Item

TT10 * Parallel Jaw Plier
Applies uniform pressure across full 1" of jaw. Useful for clamping and setting snap style bag closures. Spring activated, serrated jaw and incorporates heavy duty wire cutter. (TT10) $20.00 Order Item

* Pinking Shears
A good quality "Mundial" light weight stainless steel 8" scissor which makes standard "v" cut. (HL07) $24.00 Order Item

DG69 * Pinking Shears, 10" (DG69) $36.00 Order Item

Plier, 5" Rd Nose (MY74) $12.00 Order Item

* Rotary Cutter Refil Blades 28mm /5 (CN80) $14.50 Order Item

CM78 * Clover Rotary Cutter, 28mm
Includes blade cover, soft-cushion handle and right and left hand operation. See CN80 for refill blades. (CM78) $13.00 Order Item

GE46 * Scissors / Thread Cutter, Antique Design Gift Set.
A Chinese style, 4" decorative needlework scissors and a metal heart pendant thread cutted of a distinctive antique design (GE46) $18.00 Order Item

GI11 * Leather Scissor Sheath
A soft leather high back quality sewn sheath for embroidery scissors, 1.9" x 4 8". Scissor sold separately. (GI11) $4.00 Order Item

CS12 Mundial Scissors Set, 8-1/2" and 5-1/2
Professional quilting shears and scissors. Ambidextrous finger holes and cushioned inserts. (CS12) $14.00 Order Item

ED79 * Scissor Sheath, Imitation Leather
A 1" x 2 1/2" polkadot scissor sheath, available in 8 colors. Scissors sold seperatly. (ED79) $4.80 Order Item

MY69 * Scissors, "Mary Frances", Classic 7" Sewing (MY69) $8.00 Order Item

GE22 "Babushka" Russian Doll Scissors
Charming, enameled, 4.3" fine embroidery scissors in the design of the traditional Babushka doll. Available in 4 assorted colors. See GE26 for matching sewing kit. (GE22) $4.00 Order Item

GE16 Scissors 'embroidery Angels"
Charming, enameled, 4" fine embroidery scissors in the design of lady angels. Available in 4 assorted designs. (GE16) $3.75 Order Item

GE17 * Scissors "Embroidery Bears"
Charming, enameled, 4" fine embroidery scissors in the design of Teddy Bears. Available in 4 assorted designs. (GE17) $3.75 Order Item

LB54 * Scissors, :"santa"
From a 19th c. mold, this is a charming 3" embroidery scissor, with the front and back impression of Saint Nicholas. Gold plated. (LB54) $20.00 Order Item

Scissors, "Santa" 3", Brass (NC01) $50.00 Order Item

DG07 * Micro Scissors
A spring loaded sharp pointed micro scissors for detail and conservation work. (DG07) $16.00 Order Item

HK05 * Paper Scissors
A long, slender blade scissor for cutting paper and sheer fabrics. 9" blade, 14 1/2" overall length. (HK05) $8.00 Order Item

LB38 * Chatelaine Scissors, 19th C
A sharp pointed 3-1/4" forged Gold handled steel embroidery scissors being a reproduction of a safety scissors commonly carried on a chatelaine. It requires no case and was the precursor of the safety folding scissors of today. In the open position each blade serves to protect the point and edge of the oposing blade. (LB38) $12.00 Order Item

* Scissors, 2.5" Chatelaine Cvd #199 (AA29) $4.00 Order Item

MY70 * Enbroidery, 3.7"
A gold handled, serrated narrow blade embroidery with large finger holes. (MY70) $8.00 Order Item

DG08 * Micro-Serrated 4" Ribbon Scissors
Specifically designed for cutting metallic and other ribbons with its fine serrated blade. Comes without leather holder. (DG08) $11.00 Order Item

MY73 Scissors, 4"duck Nose Cvd Emb (MY73) $6.00 Order Item

AA27 * Embroidery Scissors
A general purpose scissor with a 1.25 inch blade. Stainless steel. (AA27) $4.50 Order Item

DG09 * Micro-Serrated 5.6" Ribbon Scissors
A large finger-hole serrated scissor for cutting metallics. (DG09) $8.00 Order Item

MY97 * Scissors, 6" Miniature Taylor
A sharp heavy tailor shear with large finger holes for any fabric. (MY97) $9.00 Order Item

MY98 * Scissors, 8" Tailor (MY98) $12.00 Order Item

TM71 Scissors, Angel, 3.8" Silver (TM71) $10.00 Order Item

AA44 * Angled Iris Scissor
The bent blade permits easy cutting for hardanger and other fine canvas tasks. 4.5" stainless steel. (AA44) $4.00 Order Item

OS54 * Rug/Applique Angled Scissors
Special large "bill" blade lifts trimmings out of the way, other blade pointed. Angled for blade to remain parallel to work. Stainless steel. (OS54) $23.00 Order Item

TM54 * Scissors, Art Deco, 3.5" Silver/Gold (TM54) $10.00 Order Item

TM52 * Scissors, Art Nouveau, 4.2" Gld/Sil (TM52) $16.00 Order Item

AA14 * Lace Scissors, Double Ball
A straight blade scissor with ball tip on both blades. Excellent economical scissor for working with tulle and net. Airline travel approved. (AA14) $5.00 Order Item

Scissors, Bent Lace, 4.5" (HL89) $5.00 Order Item

DG64 Scissors, Birds, Embroidery 4" Sil/Gld (DG64) $14.00 Order Item

DG66 * Scissors, Butterfly, Embroidery 3.5" Gld (DG66) $10.00 Order Item

TM55 * Scissors, Classic Sewing, 5" Gld/Sil (TM55) $11.00 Order Item

OS49 * Double Curve Embroidery Scissors
A very comfortable, 3-1/2" sharp pointed scissor assures that hands are kept free of the surface. (OS49) $16.00 Order Item

AA23 * Embroidery Scissor, Wide
A wide, short, curved blade heavy duty scissor with one serrated blade. 4.5" Stainless steel. Available with Straight (AA22) $5.00 Order Item or Curved (AA23) $6.00 Order Item blades.

Scissors, Emb,4.5"wide/St,#213 (AA22) $5.00 Order Item

Scissors, Embroidery 4" (SX31) $20.00 Order Item

TM58 * Scissors, Embroidery, Witch, 4" Silver (TM58) $16.00 Order Item

LC79 * Scissors, Finger; 2.5", Cvd (LC79) $3.50 Order Item

LC46 * Finger Scissors
Stainless steel, short blade scissor with large finger grip. For detail work and chatelaine attachment. Available with straight blade (LC46) $3.50 Order Item or curved blade (LC79) $3.50 Order Item .

DG57 * Fish Scissors
A small, 3.5" sharp pointed embroidery scissors in the form of a fish. Silver finish (DG57) $10.00 Order Item

TM63 * Scissors, Fleur, 4" / Black (TM63) $16.00 Order Item

TM51 * Scissors, Fleur, 4" Gld (TM51) $10.00 Order Item

HL08 * Folding Pocket Scissors
A sharp, all steel folding scissor, ideal for purse or chatelaine. Available in 3" (HL08) $1.25 Order Item , 4" (HL09) $1.50 Order Item and 5" (HL10) $2.00 Order Item open size. All have hole for chatelaine hanging.

TM53 * Scissors, Heart, 3.6" Sil/Gld (TM53) $10.00 Order Item

AA10 * Iris Scissors
An economical, 4.5" stainless narrow blade "Iris" scissor for trimming, fine needlework, hardanger and paper cuts. Available with Curved blades (AA10) $4.00 Order Item ; and Straight blades (AA11) $4.00 Order Item .

CS22 * Scissors, Knife Edge, 4" (CS22) $4.00 Order Item

* Scissors, Knife Edge, 6" (CS21) $6.00 Order Item

CS20 * Scissors, Knife Edge
This is the traditional Chinese cutting tool. Both blades have extremely sharp knife edges which permit accurate cutting of both paper and cloth. Available in 4" (CS22) $4.00 Order Item , 6" (CS21) $6.00 Order Item , and 7" (CS20) $10.00 Order Item lengths.

* Scissors, Knife Edge, 8" (CS23) $12.00 Order Item

MY21 * Lace Curved Ball Tip Scissors
Ball on both tips. For trimming lace & fine fabrics, especially in removing excess at seams. 4 1/8" (MY21) $9.00 Order Item

TM74 * Laces Scissors
Used for Carrickmacross lace, one blade is pointed and the other has a ball tip. Designed for cutting away part of one layer of a two layer laminated net. 3 1/2" long, 1" blade. (TM74) $18.00 Order Item

MO57 * Lacis Safety Scissors
A quality stainless steel sliding pocket safety scissor, 3.7" (in open position}. with sharp precision ground blades which slide into handle for protection. For pocket, purse or chatelaine.) (MO57) $4.50 Order Item

MS68 * Larger Finger Embroidery Scissors, 4"
A black handled, sharp pointed embroidery scissors with large finger holes. (MS68) $8.00 Order Item

GI19 * Scissors, Offset Rug, 5.5" (GI19) $14.00 Order Item

TM70 Scissors, Pineapple, 3.5" Silver (TM70) $10.00 Order Item

* Professional Tailor's Scissors
Hand forged and burnished of highest quality with knife edge blades. (GC07) $52.00 Order Item

DG63 Rabbit Embroidery Scissors
A 3-1/2" decorative, sharp pointed embroidery scissors. (DG63) $12.00 Order Item

DG56 Rooster Scissors
A small, 3.5" sharp pointed embroidery scissors in the classic rooster form. (DG56) $10.00 Order Item

Sewing Scissor, 8.5"
Clauss Featherlite lightweight economy stainless scissor with molded plastic handles. (CA02) $2.00 Order Item

TM67 * Scissors, Short Blade Stork, 3.5" Silver (TM67) $6.00 Order Item

TM68 * Scissors, Snake, 3.7" Silver (TM68) $10.00 Order Item

* Scissors, Spring Action 4.5" X-Fine, Cvd. (DG55) $15.00 Order Item

DG54 * Scissors, Spring Action "Castroviejo"
A small blade with a super fine point for conservation and fine embroidery. Spring integral with blade and handle. Available with a straight (DG54) $15.00 Order Item or curved blade (DG55) $15.00 Order Item

AA12 * Stitch Scissors
One blade has a hook at the tip to lift a thread before cutting to insure an accurate cut. (AA12) $4.00 Order Item

TM75 * Stitch Scissors, Large
One blade has a hook at the tip to lift a thread before cutting to insure an accurate cut. 4-1/2" lomg. (TM75) $5.00 Order Item

TM62 * Stork Scissors, 3,5" w/1" Blade
The classic embroideery scissor with tapestry point which will not split threads. (TM62) $5.00 Order Item

DG50 * Scissors, 3.5" Stork
A deeply embossed sharp pointed embroidery scissors.   Available in 3.5" (DG50) $8.00 Order Item , 4.5" (DG51) $11.00 Order Item , 3.5" long blade (DG90) $7.50 Order Item and 3.5" mini blade (TM67) $6.00 Order Item

* Scissors, Stork, 3.5", 1.2" Blade / Gold (DG90) $7.50 Order Item

SW13 * Scissors, Stork-Btr, 4.5" Tit/Blk/Sil/Gld (SW13) $10.00 Order Item

* Scissors, Tailor, 12" Stainless (HL68) $20.00 Order Item

HL31 * Tailor Scissors
A professional quality, heavy duty, 8" knife edge scissors. (HL31) $20.00 Order Item

DG60 * Tailor Scissors, Left Hand
A professional quality, knife edge scissors for left hand operation. (DG60) $20.00 Order Item

LB55 * Left Hand Tailor Scissors
A quality 8" scissors with a left hand handle and a normal right hand blade. (LB55) $11.00 Order Item

HK19 * Tailor's Scissors, 11' Light Weight
A comfortable sharp stainless steel blade scissors with formed alloy handles for comfort. Blades can be removed for sharpening. Adjustable tension assuring uniform pressure for full length of cut. (HK19) $30.00 Order Item

AA87 * Decorative Embroidery Scissors
A 3.5" very fine pointed scissors of classic design suited for the finest work. Gold handle and stainless blades. (AA87) $9.00 Order Item

AA54 * Decorative Embroidery Scissors
A 3.5" very fine pointed scissors with filigree embellishment suited for the finest work. Gold handle and stainless blades. (AA54) $9.00 Order Item

KL13 * Klaas Scissors
The 6" Rose Sewing Scissor (KL13) $70.00 Order Item is boxed in a handsome gift box.

Shears, Ikebana /broad (KT10) $25.00 Order Item

KT09 * Ikebana Shears
A Japanese heavy duty short blade knife edge shears designed for bonsai trimming. Suitable for cutting heavy cords and rope. (KT09) $45.00 Order Item

HL93 * Stork Tweezer
A flat billed stork tweezer to accompany the Chatelaine. Ideal for pulling threads for sewers and embroiderers. (HL93) $4.50 Order Item

AA40 * Thread Snip
The classic 3.5" 1-piece black steel forged snip. (AA40) $3.25 Order Item .

MO58 * Thread Snip
A 4" sharp pointed snip with enameled handle, ground blades and retainer pin to control opening. (MO58) $2.50 Order Item

DG61 * Thread Snip
Two piece with finger hole, spring actuated. Stainless steel. (DG61) $8.00 Order Item

GE32 * Zoo Animal Scissors & Tape Measure Set
A children's gift set with a 5.5" soft grip scissors and a 40" tape measure. Pink piglet set or Blue puppy set. (GE32) $4.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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