An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

LI23 * Awesome Needleworker's Tool
The Awesome Needleworker’s Tool for knitters, sewers and others who work with yarns and threads. It has many uses, primarily for detail work, picking up stitches and working around the sewing machine where small fingers are necessary. The needle is 5” long, with a 2.5mm crochet hook on one end for burnishing and a tapestry blunt, bent tip on the other. (LI23) $5.00 Order Item

LB62 * "Lacis" Wrist Ball Holder, Steel
Worn on the wrist, this yarn holder will support virtually any spooled or balled yarn while crocheting, knitting or needle tatting. The support is swivel mounted and supports the yarn by a piercing pin and heavy duty friction clasp. Stainless steel. (LB62) $8.50 Order Item
Manufacturer: Lacis

CS45 * Fringe Maker Fringe Maker Instructions
A mechanical frame on which thread is wound, and later sewn to make quick, accurate and consistent fringes up to 11" deep and 11" long, suitable for tassels and other decorative uses. Requires table clamp. (CS45) $44.00 Order Item

LV99 Not Yet Available Lacis Classic 19" Umbnrella Swift Ii (LV99) $64.00 Order Item

CU07 * Reweaving Latch Needle
A fine pointed ,8mm latch hook as used in professional reweaving and restoration. Requires a handle such as JN01, JN10 or DU09. See CU08 for completre tool which includes handle and needle guide. 3" long (CU07) $10.00 Order Item

CU08 * Reweaving Latch Needle w/ Guide and Handle
The classic reweaving tool now reintroduced after years of development. The basis of the classic mid 20th c. Fenway system. Includes handle, pointed .8mm latch hook and integral needle guide. Replacement hook available (CU08) $24.00 Order Item

MO16 * Seam Ripper
A quality seam ripper mounted in a plastic handle and protected with a plastic cap which serves as an extended handle. Can be joined to Needle Threader Set MO15 in place of one of the threaders. (MO16) $1.00 Order Item
Manufacturer: Lacis

CC32 * "Corjac" Thumbtack Kit
A natural wood finish model of the popular tack kit for placement of thumb tacks. A magnet holds tack in place while pressure through your palm through a comfortable handle sets the tack just where you want it. Accepts standard flat head quilting tacks. Kit includes a professional extractor and set of 60 tacks. (CC32) $19.00 Order Item
Manufacturer: Lacis

LH48 * Third Hand
One of the most useful tools for the needleworker. Consists of a clamp and spring loaded, rubber tipped pincher grip. Will securely hold one end of your work while you hold the other when embroidering, running hem stitches or darning. (LH48) $14.00 Order Item

* Thumbtacks, Brass Pl, Rd Hd /60 (JP22) $2.00 Order Item

TM83 * Tweezer, 6" Ss Locking, Serrated Cup Pt, (TM83) $3.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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