Stilleto & Awl

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

* Awl / Stilleto
A hardened steel fine awl set in a wood handle, 4" long, 8" overall. (HL96) $2.50 Order Item

HM25 * Stilleto/Awl, Heavy
A 5" heavy steel awl with hardened point, straight shaft and wood handle. .15" x 7.5" (HM25) $8.00 Order Item

SO84 Stiletto, Carved Bone
Beautiful carved bone stilettos available in assorted designs. Aprox. 6" long. (SO84) $12.00 Order Item

HK06 * Steel Awl With Wood Handle
A 5" heavy steel awl with hardened point, tapered shaft and wood handle. 1/4" x 6-3/4" (HK06) $4.00 Order Item

OC16 Stilleto, Abalone
In a curved ergonomoical shape, this beautiful tool serves multiple uses (OC16) $12.00 Order Item

Bone Stiletto
A sharp pointed 5" long tapered bone shaft with hanging holeon back end for use as a stiletto or laying tool. See SB50 for same with blunt point. (SB09) $7.00 Order Item

IN33 Stilleto, Bone
Approx 3" x 3/8" dia with point slightly curved. Eye hook on top for hanging on chain. (IN33) $10.00 Order Item

MS69 * Brass Cased Stilleto
A cased sharp pointed awl with hanging loop suitable for a chatelaine. (MS69) $12.00 Order Item

Stillets: Rosewood
Unique Rosewood turned stilettos of varuois designs and sizes. (LD89) $16.00 Order Item

Stiletto, Mini Bone (TT78) $8.00 Order Item

TS69 * Stiletto, 5" Rosewood
An embroiderer's necessity for aligning threads and piercing holes in fabric for eyeleta and decoration. (TS69) $8.00 Order Item

TS70 Stiletto, Rosewood, 6" St Or Waist (TS70) $10.00 Order Item

AA39 * Stilleto, Steel
A hollow steel handle with a 3-sided sharp pointed probe which screws onto one end in either extended or protected (reversed) position. Can be used as a stilleto as well as a heavy duty probe. (AA39) $6.00 Order Item

HL70 Stilleto
Wood handle with replaceable needle in steel vise chuck. Needle can be reversed for protection when not being used. Comes with one needle. (HL70) $10.00 Order Item

CL86 * Stiletto/Awl, Ball Point
A wood handled tapered steel awl with ball tip to prevent splitting of threads. Clover. (CL86) $11.00 Order Item

CL67 * Stilleto, Steel
A broadly tapered metal shaft with a white plastic handle. (CL67) $8.50 Order Item

RP36 * Stiletto, Plastic
One piece molded plastic, designed for Eyelet Embroidery. One ended pointed, the other end flattened. Approx. 3/8" Dia. (RP36) $1.30 Order Item

MS67 * Stilleto / Laying Tool
A sharp long tapered tool for eyelt holes up to 1/4". (MS67) $6.00 Order Item

Stiletto; Horn (LB58) $10.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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