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An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

LD51 Russian Punch 4-Needle Embroidery Set
A set of four bone handled stainless steel needles, 14 (.080) , 16 (.064) , 18 (.048) and 20 (.036) ga. for 1-strand to 6-strand floss. Suggested book: PUNCH CRAZY. Pamela Gurney. Exploration of the many techniques possible with the punch needle with designs and projects. (LD51) $30.00 Order Item .

* Bunka Needle, Short #3 (JP58) $10.00 Order Item

* Canvas Mesh Gauge
16 different canvas gauges printed on clear plastic for determining canvas thread counts. (LG50) $6.00 Order Item

DA24 * Floss Winders
Standard 1.5" white plastic winders for keeping threads in order and to serve as bobbins for braiding techniques. (DA24) $1.00 Order Item 25 winders per package.

MS66 * Goldwork Mellors
The necessary tool when embroidering with gold and silver bullion. The thin, highly polished gold plated steel tool is used as a stiletto, to control the bending of coiled metalic thread and as a laying tool for goldwork and silk thread embroidery. (MS66) $11.00 Order Item

SE21 * Hedebo Gauge: 7.5"
A stepped tapered hardwood gauge for making rings as used in Battenberg lace and hedebo embroidery. 3/16" - 3/4" in 9 steps. (SE21) $20.00 Order Item

LC94 * Huck Embroidery Grid
A regular grid representing the raised loop threads of huck canvas. For designing and translating huck patterns. (LC94) $2.50 Order Item

WO31 * Laying Tool, Decorative Hardwood
6.5" pointed and decorative hardwood sticks of various designs.. (WO31) $9.00 Order Item

WO17 * Laying Tool, Hardwood
Pointed and decorative hardwood sticks of various designs. (WO17) $10.00 Order Item

JP59 * Nap Riser Brush
A small, fine, soft wire brush which is held between 2 fingers or on a finger. Used to fluff up yarn. Specifically designed to fluff Bunka Cord. (JP59) $3.50 Order Item

HL81 Nap Riser / Chenille Brass/Nylon Brush Set
A two sided brush in a plastc handle to fluff up fibers as required for bunka and other embroidery techniques. Available with a brass (medium) bristle brush and a nylon (soft) bristle brush (HL81) $3.50 Order Item and a brass (medium) bristle brush and a stainless steel (hard) bristle bruch (HL85) $4.00 Order Item

HL85 Nap Riser/Chenille Brass/Steel Brush (HL85) $4.00 Order Item

CL83 * Needle For "Clover" Punch #8801 (.034") Fine (CL83) $7.00 Order Item

CL84 * Needle For "Clover" Punch #8802 (.087") Lg (CL84) $7.00 Order Item

CL88 * Needle For "Clover" Punch #8803 (.065") Med (CL88) $7.00 Order Item

LE32 * "Saral" Pattern Transfer Paper
A high quality wax-free paper which will not stain or set. Marks can be erased or removed with sponge and water. Five sheets 8-1/2" x 12", White, Grey, Yellow, Blue and Red. (LE32) $8.50 Order Item

CN05 * Pattern Pounce, Medium
A 1 1/2" felt pad with a wooden handle. The pounce is the tool to use with transfer powder when transferring embroidery designs. (CN05) $7.00 Order Item

CN06 * Pattern Pounce, Small
A 1 1/4" felt pad with a wooden handle. The pounce is the tool to use with transfer powder when transferring embroidery designs. (CN06) $5.00 Order Item

CN02 * Pattern Pounce, Large
A 1 3/4" felt pad with a wooden handle. The pounce is the tool to use with transfer powder when transferring embroidery designs. (CN02) $8.00 Order Item

LC98 * Pattern Pounce
Used for transferring patterns from a perforated or pricked paper pattern to cloth. Consists of a felt pad on a wood support. Available in a double head with a 1" pad on one end and a 3/4" pad on the other (LC98) $6.00 Order Item and a single head with a 1.5" pad (LC99) $4.00 Order Item .

DG62 * Pattern Transfer Wheel
A solid all metal transfer wheel with sharp needle points used to pierce the pattern outlines when transferring with powder and pounce. Makes 6 piercings per inch. (DG62) $12.50 Order Item

* Plastic Canvas, 7hpi, 10.5" X 13.5" /ea (DA21) $2.00 Order Item

DA56 * Plastic Mesh Canvas
Artist sheet canvas, standard stiffness 13 5/8 x 21 5/8" (DA56) $2.70 Order Item

DA59 * Plastic Mesh Canvas
Ultra stiff artist canvas 13 5/8 x 21 5/8" (DA59) $2.50 Order Item

SU55 * Punch Needle Set
A 3-needle set with plastic handle for rugs and embroidery. .079", 099", .120" dia needles. Instructions not included. (SU55) $11.50 Order Item

OC18 Punch Needle; 1 Piece Single Point
The traditional Mexican .070" dia punch needle for embroidery floss or fine threads, Unique 1-piece design permits easy threading. 3 position depth gauge. (OC18) $5.00 Order Item

CL82 * Punch Needle "Clover" Tool
A well engineered embroidery punch needle for fine work. Can be set to any depth without sleeves, incorporates a marker to control direction and a protective cap. Includes one medium needle (.050") for common floss, threader and instructions (CL82) $11.50 Order Item . Also available: a fine needle (.034") for single strand (CL83) $7.00 Order Item , a medium needle (.065") for 6-strand floss (CL87) , and a large needle (.087") for 1/8" ribbon (CL84) $7.00 Order Item .

BN32 * Boye Punch Needle Set
A fully adjustable 3-needle set with handle and instructions. consists of 1.2mm for 3-strand floss; 1.6mm for #5 perle cotton and 2.2mm for #3 perle cottton and 2mm ribbon. (BN32) $9.00 Order Item

BR08 * Swiss Straw Embroidery Needles
Block with fixed eye needles, 2 on one end and 3 on the other for embroidered dimensional forms as explored in the book AR91 DECORATIVE STRAW CRAFT. (BR08) $7.00 Order Item

HL05 * Takaburi Needle
A 4-sided slender handled, sharp pointed tool used for aligning thread fibers when embroidering with untwisted threads as is common in Japanese embroidery techniques. (HL05) $3.00 Order Item

CM96 * Soft Touch Thread Pic
To hide unwanted threads, it has a fine (#15) crochet hook on tip which will pierce fabric leaving no marks and grab stray threads. (CM96) $9.00 Order Item

CN70 * Punch Needle Threader
A fine folded wire pointed on one end and finger grip on the other. It will go through any of the punch needles as well as the eye for easy threading. (CN70) $5.00 Order Item

PY93 * Tracing Wheel, Serrated (PY93) $1.90 Order Item

CN03 * Pattern Transfer Powder
The transferring material used with the pattern pounce. Available in white and blue color, 25ml, 0.85oz. (CN03) $22.00 Order Item

LC55 * Trolly Needle
A stainless steel shaft supported by an adjustable wrist ring. (LC55) $7.50 Order Item

YW01 * Trolly Needle
A blunt pointed needle which is worn on the finger with the point projecting for "laying" threads and ribbon in embroidery techniques. See also LH43. (YW01) $10.00 Order Item

LC74 Winding Cards
A heavy plastic winder which comes in break-a-part strips of 6. (LC74) $4.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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