Tulle & Netting

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

* Crinoline, Tu-Tu Weight, 54" (HE10) $4.00 Order Item

JS10 * Darning Net 6-Hpi (jes) Wh 60" /yd (JS10) $24.00 Order Item

* Darning Net 6-Hpi (jes) Wh/Nat. 14x16" Each (JS09) $3.00 Order Item

* Darning/Filet Net 9-Hpi, White 14" X 16" (JS12) $12.00 Order Item

HE03 * Filet Netting, 9 Ga
A Lacis proprietary net, a soft loose woven 9 hole/inch mesh, 25% poly / 75% cotton, 60" wide, specifically designed for lacis and filet techniques. For ribbon lace, miniature work and traditional filet techniques. (HE03) $35.00 Order Item

Embroidered Net, Wh/Iv, 60" /yd (AN90) $60.00 Order Item

Horsehair, 45"; Wh; /yd (SL57) $5.00 Order Item

Filet Hand Knotted 4 Mesh Cotten Net
Suited for "hand made" filet or darned net projects. (FL20) $128.00 Order Item

Knotted Mesh, 5 Mesh, Nat, 36" X 36" (TP52) $58.00 Order Item

Point D'Esprit, 50/60"; Wh /yd (SL56) $18.00 Order Item

HE07 * Tulle Veiling
"Szenario", a 3 mesh black veiling with gold metallic intersections giving the appearance of beads. 60" wide. Swiss manufacture. (HE07) $29.00 Order Item

HH06 * Mock English Tulle, Black
A fine net of hexagonal mesh suitable for embroidery and applique techniques. 60" width. (HH06) $12.50 Order Item

SF06 * Bridal Illusion
A very sheer diamond hole nylon netting, specifically suited for bridal veils and accessories. 108" width. (SF06) $5.00 Order Item

* Tulle, Nylon Bridal; Lllusion; 72"; /yd (SF04) $4.50 Order Item

* Tulle, Nylon, 54" /40 Yd (ES14) $36.00 Order Item

* Tulle, Nylon, 6" /25 Yd (ES13) $4.00 Order Item

* Tulle, Nylon; Sparkle Illusion; White, 108"; /yd (SF03) $18.00 Order Item

HE05 * Silk Tulle Illusion
A very fine white 100% silk Leavers bobbinet tulle, 118" wide, made in Switzerland. Commonly used for bridal veils. Sold by the yard. (HE05) $180.00 Order Item

HE02 * Cotton Tulle Netting
A Leaver's 100% cotton hexagonal hole lace net used for lace and embroidery techniques. Available in Medium, 10 hpi (HE02) $36.00 Order Item ; Fine, 14 hpi (HE01) $116.00 Order Item ; Extra Fine, 18 hpi (HE08) $75.00 Order Item and Super Fine, 24 hpi (HE04) $135.00 Order Item . The Super Fine gauge recommended for machine embroidery, the Fine amnd Extra Fine recommended for Carrick-ma-cross and Limerick lace.

HE01 * Tulle/14 Hpi, Med, Cot, Wh/Blk, 78" /yd (HE01) $116.00 Order Item

HE09 * Tulle/18 Hpi, Fine, Cot, Bk/Wh/Off Wh, 43" /yd (HE09) $52.00 Order Item

HE04 * Tulle/24 Hpi, X-Fine, Cot, Wh, 72" /yd (HE04) $135.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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