Sewing Aids

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

* Feather Weft
A soft high temperature fusible. (HT14) $4.80 Order Item

Interfacing, 20" Poly, Hvy /yd (LC90) $6.00 Order Item

* Padding,
A thin fleece padding suitable for quilting, appique, padded embroidery, etc. 45" wide. Available in natural fiber (HT17) $18.00 Order Item or manmade fiber (HT18) $5.00 Order Item

* Padding, Cotton/Wool Fleece, 45" /yd (HT17) $18.00 Order Item

* Press-Rite
Prevents iron shine on garments, protects fabrics from scorch marks. Heavy Duty. (HT19) $2.75 Order Item

CM73 * Puff Quilting Clip Set, Sm (CM73) $11.00 Order Item

CN84 * Quilt Templates: Grandmother's One Patch Collection
Four templates, 4 sizes in each template. (CN84) $25.00 Order Item

Silk Bell, 10"x 10" (LZ02) $3.00 Order Item

* So-Sheer Fusible Knit
A fine, sheer fusible fabric used to reinforce delicate and fragile fabrics. 24" wide, available in white, black and ivory. (HT12) $3.70 Order Item

* Sof-Knit Fusible, 30" Wh/Bk /yd (HT15) $5.20 Order Item

* "Rinsaway" Tear Away, 19" /yd
100% polyester water soluble tear awar stabilizer suitable for embroidery on most fabrics. Dissolves when lanndered. (HT21) $4.00 Order Item

* "Armo" Tear Away, 22" /yd
5% rayon/25% polyester non-woven tear-away stabilizer to create embroidery and applique designs on knit, napped, quilted and light and dark fabrics. Machine washable. White. (HT20) $3.00 Order Item

* Trans-Web Tape, Iron-On, 10yd X.75" (HT11) $2.50 Order Item

* Trans-Web, Iron-On, 16" /yd (HT16) $3.60 Order Item

* "Trans-Web"
A fusible web material with a release sheet for bonding materials together such as for reinforcing, attaching ribbons and trims to a garment, applying decorative fabric to non fabric surfaces, such as a box. Will not discolor. (HT10) $3.50 Order Item . ALso available by the yard (HT16) $3.60 Order Item _

CM98 * Yo Yo Maker, Clover, 1-1/4" Sm (CM98) $5.25 Order Item

CM74 * Yo Yo Maker, Clover, 1-3/4" Lg (CM74) $5.75 Order Item

CN30 * Yo Yo Maker, Clover, 1-3/4" X 3", Lg (CN30) $9.00 Order Item

CM75 * Yo Yo Maker, Clover, 2-3/8" Ex Lg (CM75) $6.50 Order Item

CM76 * Yo Yo Maker, Clover, 3-1/2" Jumbo (CM76) $9.00 Order Item

* Yo Yo Makers By Clover
Make flat or filled round cloth forms for beads, charms, brooches, potpourri, hair ornament and more using these creative tools. Available in 5 sizes from 1-1/4" to 3-1/2" (CM72) $5.50 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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