An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

* Batiste Mounting Cloth
A fine black cloth 65" (65% poly, 35% coton) a suggested background for mounting lace and other textiles for display. Sold by the yard. (HE11) $10.00 Order Item

* Batting: Ultra Thin Fusible
A thin (1/16") , 100% polyester quilt batting, 2.3 oz/sy, activated by ironing on medium heat. For hand and machine quilting. Machine washable. Available in 36.5" x 40" sheet. (ED65) $20.00 Order Item

Brocade, "Plumette" 59", /fucha/rby/gld /yd (IR25) $74.00 Order Item

Brocade, Cot/White; 45" /yd (SP03) $22.00 Order Item

IR18 * Cotton Batiste
A fine, soft, polished cotton popular for Heirloom and French hand sewing, handkerchiefs and camisoles. "Verona" from Japan. (IR18) $20.00 Order Item

Cotton "Verona" 45", Blk /yd (IR27) $17.00 Order Item

Cotton Batiste "Ultra", Pnk,blu,egsh, 44" /yd (IR61) $24.00 Order Item

* Cotton Hvc Tily Twill "Chino" 60", Blk/Red /yd (CA51) $22.00 Order Item

* Cotton Twill (coutil); Black; 60"; /yd (NT06) $42.00 Order Item

FN41 Cotton Twill (coutil); Dyed; 60"; /yd (FN41) $38.00 Order Item

NT05 * Coutil
A dense, smooth textured fabric used for corset construction. 60" wide. (NT05) $25.00 Order Item

Dotted Swiss, Cotton, 57/58" /yd (IR76) $14.00 Order Item

Drawn Work On Taj, Wh/Sil, 40" /yd (IR72) $38.00 Order Item

EC23 * Fabric Squares
(100) 4" x 4" cut squares of traditional Japanese fabrics, 5-10 piece per design. Suited for quilting, patchwork, doll clothes, oragami, etc. (EC23) $30.00 Order Item

EC05 * Fabric Squares,japanese 5"x5" /40pcs (EC05) $30.00 Order Item

Faille Bendaline, 49% Cot, 50" White (IR65) $12.00 Order Item

Gold French Brocade "Versailles" (IR69) $78.00 Order Item

Houndstooth, Brown, Linen/Blend, 58" (IR26) $11.00 Order Item

TW10 * Iron-On-Fusible "Heatnbond" Tricot Sheer Weight Interfaving
This 100% Polyester sheer interfacing is a see-through, flexible material which bonds with heat providing permanent stability to shatterd silk and other fabrics. Recommended for conservation of such textiles. 20" wide. (TW10) $4.00 Order Item

TW11 * Iron-On-Fusible Interfacing, Woven
100% cotton, non-woven extra firm interfacing, white. 22" wide, for bags and craft projects. sold by the yard. (TW11) $3.00 Order Item

* Heatnbond Woven Fusible Hair Canvas
A sturdy woven fusible hair canvas specifically recommended for millinery, (TW19) $14.00 Order Item

* Cotton Organdy, 58"
An economical imported white 100% cotton organdy, 58" wide, for blouses, baby wear, lingerie and smokingsold by the yard.. (IR70) $16.00 Order Item

TW22 * Peelnstick By "Thermoweb"
Permanent adhesive fabric fuseer. A double sticky film with paper liner. You press onto fabric, remove liner and place fabric or ribbon on top. Non sewable. No heat used. Secure in delicate machine wash. 5/8" x 20' roll. (TW22) $5.00 Order Item

Satin Batiste, Wh, 45" /yd (IR77) $24.00 Order Item

* Satin Batiste, White, 58" /yd (IR84) $30.00 Order Item

Silk Brocade, Color 07, 44" /yd (II01) $50.00 Order Item

Silk Charvet, Gld/Blk, 52/54" /yd (IR73) $48.00 Order Item

Silk Corset Brocade, 30" /yd (C0096) $26.00 Order Item

Silk Stripe, Pink Color 19, 44" /yd (II02) $27.00 Order Item

TW23 * Stitchnsew By Thermoweb
20 8-1/2" x 11" sheets. Transparent, easy to trace, tearawaw nonwoven stablizer. Can be used with inkjet and laser printers (TW23) $8.00 Order Item

Swiss Moire Taffeta, Blk 45" /yd (IR74) $8.00 Order Item

Swiss Moire Taffeta, Carmel 45" /yd (IR75) $8.00 Order Item

* Micro Brush Twill
A finely finished, heavy 100% cotton twill, selected for corset making. (JT16) $22.00 Order Item

JT17 * Twill, Micro Brush Cot, 60" Nat /yd (JT17) $20.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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