An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

* Batiste Mounting Cloth
A fine black cloth 65" (65% poly, 35% coton) a suggested background for mounting lace and other textiles for display. Sold by the yard. (HE11) $10.00 Order Item

* Batting: Ultra Thin Fusible
A thin (1/16") , 100% polyester quilt batting, 2.3 oz/sy, activated by ironing on medium heat. For hand and machine quilting. Machine washable. Available in 36.5" x 40" sheet. (ED65) $20.00 Order Item

Brocade, "Plumette" 59", /fucha/rby/gld /yd (IR25) $74.00 Order Item

Brocade, Cot/White; 45" /yd (SP03) $22.00 Order Item

IR18 * Cotton Batiste
A fine, soft, polished cotton popular for Heirloom and French hand sewing, handkerchiefs and camisoles. "Verona" from Japan. (IR18) $20.00 Order Item

Cotton "Verona" 45", Blk /yd (IR27) $17.00 Order Item

Cotton Batiste "Ultra", Pnk,blu,egsh, 44" /yd (IR61) $24.00 Order Item

* Cotton Hvc Tily Twill "Chino" 60", Blk/Red /yd (CA51) $22.00 Order Item

* Cotton Twill (coutil); Black; 60"; /yd (NT06) $42.00 Order Item

FN41 Cotton Twill (coutil); Dyed; 60"; /yd (FN41) $38.00 Order Item

NT05 * Coutil
A dense, smooth textured fabric used for corset construction. 60" wide. (NT05) $25.00 Order Item

Dotted Swiss, Cotton, 57/58" /yd (IR76) $14.00 Order Item

Drawn Work On Taj, Wh/Sil, 40" /yd (IR72) $38.00 Order Item

EC23 * Fabric Squares
(100) 4" x 4" cut squares of traditional Japanese fabrics, 5-10 piece per design. Suited for quilting, patchwork, doll clothes, oragami, etc. (EC23) $30.00 Order Item

EC05 * Fabric Squares,japanese 5"x5" /40pcs (EC05) $30.00 Order Item

Faille Bendaline, 49% Cot, 50" White (IR65) $12.00 Order Item

Gold French Brocade "Versailles" (IR69) $78.00 Order Item

TW20 * Heatnbond Ultrahold By "Thermoweb"
Iron-on permanent adhesive. Machine washable. Material is placed on back of fabric, liner facing up. Iron on withut steam for bond. Peel off liner and lay new fabric over and iron till bond secured. 17" x 1 yd (TW20) $3.00 Order Item

Houndstooth, Brown, Linen/Blend, 58" (IR26) $11.00 Order Item

TW10 * Iron-On-Fusible "Heatnbond" Tricot Sheer Weight Interfaving
This 100% Polyester sheer interfacing is a see-through, flexible material which bonds with heat providing permanent stability to shatterd silk and other fabrics. Recommended for conservation of such textiles. 20" wide. (TW10) $4.00 Order Item

TW11 * Iron-On-Fusible Interfacing, Woven
100% cotton, non-woven extra firm interfacing, white. 22" wide, for bags and craft projects. sold by the yard. (TW11) $3.00 Order Item

* Heatnbond Woven Fusible Hair Canvas
A sturdy woven fusible hair canvas specifically recommended for millinery, (TW19) $14.00 Order Item

* Cotton Organdy, 58"
An economical imported white 100% cotton organdy, 58" wide, for blouses, baby wear, lingerie and smokingsold by the yard.. (IR70) $16.00 Order Item

TW22 * Peelnstick By "Thermoweb"
Permanent adhesive fabric fuseer. A double sticky film with paper liner. You press onto fabric, remove liner and place fabric or ribbon on top. Non sewable. No heat used. Secure in delicate machine wash. 5/8" x 20' roll. (TW22) $5.00 Order Item

Satin Batiste, Wh, 45" /yd (IR77) $24.00 Order Item

* Satin Batiste, White, 58" /yd (IR84) $30.00 Order Item

Silk Brocade, Color 07, 44" /yd (II01) $50.00 Order Item

Silk Charvet, Gld/Blk, 52/54" /yd (IR73) $48.00 Order Item

Silk Corset Brocade, 30" /yd (C0096) $26.00 Order Item

Silk Stripe, Pink Color 19, 44" /yd (II02) $27.00 Order Item

TW23 * Stitchnsew By Thermoweb
20 8-1/2" x 11" sheets. Transparent, easy to trace, tearawaw nonwoven stablizer. Can be used with inkjet and laser printers (TW23) $8.00 Order Item

Swiss Moire Taffeta, Blk 45" /yd (IR74) $8.00 Order Item

Swiss Moire Taffeta, Carmel 45" /yd (IR75) $8.00 Order Item

* Micro Brush Twill
A finely finished, heavy 100% cotton twill, selected for corset making. (JT16) $22.00 Order Item

JT17 * Twill, Micro Brush Cot, 60" Nat /yd (JT17) $20.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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