An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

Silk, 30/3 "Zwicky"
Buttonhole weight, 300yds, matt finish. Limited stock. See GT02 for substitute. (ZW01) $15.00 Order Item

Flat Silk, Japanese
Each strand of silk is made up of individual continuous filaments, or sugas. Strands of flat silk can be used in any combination or twisted together to make a twisted thread. Used specifically in Japanese embroidery. (YL47) $6.00 Order Item

Flat Silk Japanese, Seconds, 60 M Tube, Clrs (YL48) $3.50 Order Item

Floss "Impressions" 3 Ply, Wool/Silk /36yds (CC50) $5.50 Order Item

Floss "Soie Cristale" 12 Ply Silk / 6yds (CC51) $4.50 Order Item

Gold Tambour #7, 30m Gold [met-4854] (TH096) $13.00 Order Item

* Color Chart, Gudebrod
Colors for Gudebrod silk thread in sizes E/F/FF/FFF-- smaller sizes come in black and white. Color copy of 28 colors. (DS56) $2.00 Order Item

Silk, Gutermann Color Card
Color card of actual threads. (GT03) $24.00 Order Item

* Kanagawa Color Sheet Color Card
Photocopy of 1000 Den thread with actual samples (YL23) $5.00 Order Item

Chinese Rattail
Individual spools of 2mm x 25yds (SO41) $24.00 Order Item or 1mm x 50yds (SO42) $12.00 Order Item .

Knotting Cord, Art Silk, 1.5mm, /clrs 18y (SO38) $7.50 Order Item

Artificial Silk Knottng Cord
Braided Chinese cords, typically rayon, in a variety of colors and 3 general sizes, 1mm (SO37) $7.50 Order Item , 1.5mm (SO38) $7.50 Order Item and and 2.0mm (SO39) $10.00 Order Item

Braided Chinese Knotting Cord
Vintage Chinese braided knotting cord, 1.8mm in limited colors believed to be silk. (SO49) $10.00 Order Item

DA60 * Decorative Metallic Cord
Available in four combinations of black, silver, gold and white (DA60) $4.50 Order Item

Silk Cord
A soft twist 3-ply cord, approximaty "FFF" / #5 Pearl in size. Skein form. Many colors. (SO35) $1.50 Order Item

Silk Embroidery Floss
Belding size 8-A, single strand vintage silk, natural color. (LB14) $3.50 Order Item

* Silk Embroidery Floss, 6 Strand /5yd (YL17) $2.50 Order Item

Silk Floss "Eterna"
A soft twist 100% silk floss in size similar to #3 Perl cotton, 5 meters. Discontinued item, limited color selectioin (ER50) $2.00 Order Item

Silk Mori Delux (kreinik), 2.5 M (KR01) $1.60 Order Item

Silk Ping Ling (kreinik), 8 Yds, Clrs (KR03) $2.75 Order Item

Silk Serica Delux (kreinik), 10 M, Clrs (KR02) $3.20 Order Item

Silk Soie D'Alger, 5.5yds (TH075) $4.75 Order Item

Silk Soie Perlee (kreinik), 11 Yds, Clrs (KR04) $1.30 Order Item

CM68 * Silk Thread, #50, 109yd (CM68) $5.00 Order Item

DS50 Gudebrod Silk Thread Color Card
A tight twisted thread preferred for bead stringing and weaving, tatting and knotting. Available in 1/2 oz spools from finest 00 (695y) , 0 (600y) , A (475y) , B (390y) , C (310y) , D (260y) , E (200y) , F (140y) , FF (115y) , FFF (90y) , White or black, also in colors in sizes E, F, FF (DS50) $15.00 Order Item . to stock on hand.

Silk "Gutermann" 100/3 Thread Color Card
A spun silk having a matt finish. Silk size Tex 30, "A"."00" or 100/3 (GT04) $4.00 Order Item

Silk, "Gutermann": 30/3
A matte finish silk suitable for embroidery, lace making and sewing. Available in Buttonhole weight 60m spools, article #S1003 (GT02) $5.60 Order Item . Discontinued, limited to stock on hand.

Silk "Gutermann" 40/3 Thread Color Card
A buttonhole weight spuin silk thread. SIlk size; Tex 75, "D", or 40/3. (GT05) $4.50 Order Item

MB70 * Myaco Bane Silk Buttonhole Thread Color Card
A twisted filament silk thread, 21d 16x3 plies. Suited for embroidery. Available in 121 colors on 20 meter cards. (MB70) $5.50 Order Item

* Silk, "Miyako Bane" Buttonhole, Sample Card (MB71) $20.00 Order Item

Natural Silk
A very fine soft twist silk for lace making and conservation work. (LA50) $6.00 Order Item

Silk, 170/2, 100y/Nat (LA53) $6.00 Order Item

Silk, 200/2, 100y/Nat (LA52) $6.00 Order Item

FX93 * Silk: Fujix Tire Hand Sewing Thread
A medium weight, equivalent to a size "C", filament thread for general hand sewing. Available in 12 colors. (FX93) $4.50 Order Item

* Silk, Fujix Tire, #16 Buttonhole, 200m (FX96) $20.00 Order Item

FX90 * Fujix Tire Silk Buttonhole Thread Color Card
A twisted filament silk thread suited for embroidery available in 121 colors on 20 meter cards. (FX90) $5.50 Order Item

* Fujix Silk Color Card
Actual samples of all 121 colors. (FX91) $24.00 Order Item

DS51 * Silk, Kumi Himo/Tatting "00" Color Card
First quality of identical tight twist as the Japanese KH silk. Spools of 100 yds continuous thread. Available in 14 colors. Ideal for rod building. Equivalent to #80 tatting thread, (DS51) $4.50 Order Item

YL07 * Kanagawa Embroidery Silk Color Card Color Card
1000 Den silk thread 20m cards. (YL07) $5.50 Order Item

* Silk, Sewing Sparkle, #100, 100m (YL53) $6.00 Order Item

* Silk Stitch Color Card
"Kanagawa" Silk thread for use in the sewing machine, #100, 200m (YL26) $7.00 Order Item

* #50 Silk Sewing Thread Color Card
YLI Silk #50 is considered an all purpose size used for construction, for digitized embroidery designs, or more visible quilting. Silk has a beautiful sheen which contrasts so well with the cottons traditionally used in quilting. 100 meter spool, available in 90 colors. (YL46) $7.00 Order Item

Silk Kumihimo Thread
A fine, tightly twisted continuous filament thread, especially prepared for Kumi Himo braiding. The put up is for 2 bobbins, 2 bundles of 28 min threads each, 107" long (166 yds) . Available in many colors. (LB70) $8.00 Order Item

* Silk Tussah, 60/2 Cobweb
A fine honey color silk tussah yarn for lace knitting and miniature work. 1,000yd skein (LH53) $12.00 Order Item

Tussah Silk, 60/2 Cobweb, 500 Yds (LH08) $6.00 Order Item

An "*" before the item description indicates an item that is available for wholesale distribution.

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