Purse Frames and Beaded Bags

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Designed for wide pattern weaving with ordinary seed beads or "Delica" beads as would be reguired for beaded bags, this loom is suitable for any width up to 11" and lengths up to 36". The raised frame incorporates a warp frame which simplifies the preparation of the warp and incorporates integral warp tension control. Can be used with (LF10) Floor Frame. Made of solid Oak with clear, hard finish, (LB98) $44.00.

This is the preferred round bead for needlework as used in knitted, crocheted and woven bags, needlepoint and embroidery. (GB01) $4.00. Color Availability

[Order] BEAD WEAVING: CLASSICS, Takako Sako. $22.00
A rich collection of bags and accessories with charts, detailed instructions and finishing techniques. ISBN 1-891656-20-1. 128pgs (p) (LE78)

Reviewed in Bead & Button. For the knitting and beading enthusiast,, 26 historic beaded bags are presented with instructions and charted patterns for the knitter who will want to recreate them. The author discusses the relationship of these bags and their designs to the traditions of the areas of their Dutch origins. 0-916896-67-6 (p) 56pgs. (LA17) $15.00

[Order] BEAD WORK 2nd Edition, edited by Jules & Kaethe Kliot.
Virtually every form of beadwork including weaving, embroidery, canvaswork, crochet and knitting from several early 20th century sources. Includes projects for various purses including the Miser's purse, jewelry, belts, ties, collars etc. 96 pages. (p) (LA35) $15.00

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